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Soft Robotics and Haptics for Shared Autonomy and Teleoperation

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Principal Investigator:

Allison Okamura

TRI LIaison

Hongkai Dai

Project Summary

The design of novel soft manipulators and haptic interfaces for intuitive, immersive interaction will enable human-robot systems that are effective and safe for domestic environments. These systems will be appropriate for use across the spectrum from shared autonomy to direct teleoperation. We will collaborate with TRI to develop shared autonomy and teleoperation scenarios, define metrics for performance, and test systems that integrate new soft robots and haptic interactions.

This project will contribute to TRI’s goal of designing robots that act upon their environment under diverse and challenging conditions, while collaborating intelligently with humans.

Research Goals

  • Design and control soft robot manipulators that are safe and effective in environments shared with humans. New soft robot designs have the potential to combine computational intelligence with embodied intelligence to facilitate manipulation in complex, unstructured environments.
  • Create intuitive, useful haptic feedback that functions across the spectrum of possible human-in-the-loop operation modes for robot manipulators. Haptic feedback to remote human operators/ supervisors will improve task performance by increasing immersion and intuitiveness.