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Rich Physical Human/Robot Interaction Skills in Versatile Real/Life Scenarios

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Principal Investigator:

Oussama Khatib

TRI Liaison:

Sam Zapolsky

Project Summary

  • Develop a collaborative sensor-based semiautonomous control framework where:
    • the robot is in charge of performing the physically demanding/mundane tasks
    • the human provides direct physical collaboration, remote teleoperation, or high-level cognitive guidance.
  • Requires: close control loop with multi-leveled perception.
  • Implement and verify on a multi-armed mobile platform under heavy and complex physical contact with the environment

Research Goals

Develop multi-armed haptic teleoperation – controlling robot task points through force-feedback interfaces

  • Design virtual fixtures
  • Design control primitives based on human skills
  • Implement transitions between control primitives
  • Design a task observer estimating contact situations, detecting execution errors, and verifying task completion
  • Develop control fusion framework for human-robot collaboration