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Assistant Professor

Matei Zaharia

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Matei is an assistant professor at Stanford CS, where he works on computer systems and machine learning as part of Stanford DAWN. He is also co-founder and Chief Technologist of Databricks, a data and AI platform startup. Before joining Stanford, he was an assistant professor at MIT.

He is interested in the computer systems problems that arise in new workloads such as big data, machine learning, and cloud computing. DAWN is working on infrastructure for usable machine learning to make it dramatically easier to bring ML applications to production. These issues are often much larger obstacles than ML algorithms in practice. His work includes software runtimesquality assurance tools, and systems optimizations for ML. Beyond usability, he is interested in data privacy as the flipside to big data. He has worked on systems that can provide scalable privacy for communicationInternet queries, and SaaS applications.