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Individual Driving Styles: Learning, Modeling, and Improving Driver Safety

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Principal Investigators:

Larry Leifer and David Sirkin

TRI Liaison:

Kent Lyons

Project Summary

We propose to: (a) develop a model of individuals’ driving styles and road awareness, and (b) on-road test alternate interaction modalities (haptic, audio, visual) for vehicles to intervene based on that model.

The project addresses a central goal of Guardian system. Awareness of the driver’s engagement will allow vehicles to intervene earlier, in the most effective ways, with safer outcomes.

Research Goals

  • Verify our existing on-road data corpus, and apply it to characterize driving style, creating a driving fingerprint.
  • Apply the individual’s fingerprint to determine when is best to intervene.
  • Prototype and test a combination of modalities (visual, audial, haptic) to determine how is best to intervene.
  • Raise the awareness of less-experienced drivers to potential hazards, learned from patterns used by more- experienced drivers.