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Dexterity and Perception Enhancement for Robots

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Principal Investigators:

Kenneth Salisbury and Doug James

TRI Liaison:

Yutaka Takaoka

Project Summary

Development of manipulation and perception technologies for improved tele-manipulation and rendering of vibro-acoustic contact events via a novel tele-grip haptic interface.

This project aligns well with Toyota’s broad interest in robotics: tele-, semi-autonomous and fully autonomous, In particular it addresses increased dexterity and perception.

Research Goals

  • Develop family of Vibro-Acoustic Robot (VAR) modules
  • In tele-grip configuration uses these modules to demonstrate high-fidelity remote grasping
  • Investigate vibro-acoustic robot (VAR) methods
  • Contact event detection and reasoning
  • Contact location estimation
  • Tele-robotic display of vibro-acoustic events
  • Contact sound modeling for robot manipulation